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My web pages are displayed, but the speed is slow. What is wrong?
The most common reasons are:
  1. There is a temporary error with your internet connection or your internet access provider. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet (e.g. that you can read online news papers like and without considerable delays, before further error checking.
  2. The page you are trying to access refers to a web page (for example in a frame) or an image located on another web server which is slow. Contact the administrator of the web server in question.
  3. The page you are trying to access is a CGI or PHP script, that for some reason is very slow. This may be caused by the script using external resources (web pages, databases etc.) that is slow, that is ineffectively programmed or a server overload. Try to debug the script and look for possible optimalizations enhancing performance. Also make sure to write useful error checks, displaying proper error messages to avoid risking your script hanging for ages in case external resources are down.
  4. The page you are trying to access is a CGI or PHP script using a MySQL database, but the script is not proper indexed. In general, you should index all columns in WHERE statements in SQL sentences. Whereas databases with few tables (under 1000 lines) will work well and fast, bigger databases will work slower when the tables get bigger without indexing them.
  5. Our server encountered a temporary error. Wait 5 minutes and try again. You may also see our service announcements.

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