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Messages will be posted here if and when we identify network or service errors lasting more than 5 minutes, or in case we make system changes that we think will affect our users. Messages older than 2 months will not be displayed, unless they contain currently relevant information.

2024-04-11 10:02: Web - server problems solved
The frontend server with problems had a hardware error, which is now fixed, and affected websites are now available again.

2024-04-11 09:09: Web - problems with one server
One of our frontend servers for web customers has problems. We are working to solve the problems, and apologize for the inconvenience the downtime causes for our customers.

2024-04-10 13:20: WordPress 6.5.2 security update
WordPress recently released security update 6.5.2 tonight.

Other versions than those listed below, are considered unsafe.

We urge all WordPress-using customers to update to 6.5.2.


Note! WP-admin may become slow if many customers update simultaneously. If you experience any problem, please try again later the same day.

2024-03-06 14:38: Sending problems solved for SMTP and webmail
The technical issue preventing sending of email via SMTP and webmail was resolved at 12:25.

After this, there have been delivery delays due to large email volumes. This issue is now also resolved.

2024-03-06 11:56: Problems sending email (SMTP, webmail)
We have problems with outgoing email via SMTP and webmail, and are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers.

2024-02-22 10:55: FTP problem solved
Due to technical issues, the FTP service was down from 10:32 to 10:50, when the problem was solved.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by unavailable FTP/SFTP.

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