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How do I configure e-mail with POP3?
In order to retrieve e-mail using the POP3-protocol you need to fill in the following information in you e-mail application:
  • Your email address (eg the sender address in your outgoing e-mails)
  • User name (e-mail account name)
  • Password
  • Incoming (POP3) server:
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP):

Some e-mail applications also lets you specify:

  • Port number for incoming mail (POP3): 110 (995 if you use SSL or "encrypted connection")
  • Port number for outgoing mail (SMTP): 587

You'll find information regarding username and password in the control panel on, see more info here. If you do not admin the domain name of your e-mail address yourself, you should contact your system administrator to be assigned a username and password.

Exact instructions for how to enter the e-mail settings above varies between e-mail clients. Alsow remeber that there is a different port number for POP3, 110 (995 with SSL).

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