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I cannot receive email. What is wrong?
Keep in mind that you can test whether your email account works by using our webmail ( The most common reasons why you cannot receive email are:
  1. There is a temporary error with your internet connection or your internet access provider. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet (for example that you can read online news papers like and, before further error searching.
  2. The domain is recently registered or transferred. It can take 24-48 hours before all nameservers on the Internet are notified that a domain is registered or transferred. Email will work when the nameservers have registered this information. Wait 24 hours and try again.
  3. Email is not configured correctly at Log in with your username and password and double-check the email set-up for the domain in question. The email address should be on the left side (e.g., and the email account (e.g. example1) or an external email address (e.g. on the right.
  4. The settings in your email client are not correct, double-check and try again. Some email clients (Outlook among others), suddenly change the settings for an account, though it has been working fine before. This can happen if you run a Windows update or other updates. Enter as the incoming mail server (if you read email with POP3) or (if you read email with IMAP). If your domain name is, the username will typically be example1, example2 or similar. If you do not have or as incoming mail server, you do not read email with our mail servers. Contact the person who runs the mail server in question to find out what is wrong.
  5. Try to deactivate "Secure login (SSL)" to see if that make any difference.
  6. If you have installed a firewall or an anti-virus program (e.g. Norton Internet Security), these may block you from reading email. Turn off the firewall or anti-virus program and try getting the email again.
  7. Your email account is full. You can check your status and remove messages via webmail.
  8. The message is only delayed, not lost. It is impossible to guarantee a delivery time for email, and in those rare circumstances it can take hours or even days before a message reaches you.
  9. Your domain name has been deactivated because of a non-paid invoice. Email will be rejected, and the sender will receive an error message. Email will usually work the day after we have received payment via BBS.
  10. Your domain name contains æ, ø, å or other special characters (so-called IDN), but your email client does not support IDN. See further explanation here.

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