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How do I protect my username and password from being snatched?

It is important to take good care of your passwords, so that others cannot easily gain access to them, or guess what they are. Here are some things to consider regarding password security:

  1. Use two-factor with TOTP for domain administration.
  2. Do not use your own name or other names, usernames, words found in dictionaries, or simple rewrites of such names, as a basis for your passwords.
  3. If it's difficult to create good passwords that aren't words, try using a sentence. Example: "did Japan win twice in football or speedskating" can be written as dJw2IfoS (we do not recommend that you use this specific password, obviously).
  4. Do not reuse the same or similar passwords for domain administration (the control panel on our web) as you're using for other purposes (FTP, e-mail, Hotmail/Gmail, etc.)
  5. Do not give away or lend your passwords to others.
  6. If you lend your passwords to others, in order to grant them temporary access, make sure that it isn't similar to other passwords, and change the password afterwards.
  7. Do not store passwords in documents on a PC or other computer.
  8. If you still want to store passwords, use a reputable password manager, such as Bitwarden, Codebook, or KeePass.
  9. Do not keep written copies of your passwords.
  10. If you still want to keep a written copy of your passwords, place the copy in a safety deposit box or similar safe location.
  11. Use encrypted versions of all services:
    • IMAP with SSL
    • POP with SSL
    • SMTP with SSL
    • SCP/SFTP instead of FTP (Note: only available for Web Medium and better)

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