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How do I use external DNS for my web hosting?
This is the function you should use if you need that the IP address of your web hosting will not change without notice, e.g. if you have a name server that is not controlled by us, but want to point an external DNS to a website with us.

This option has some drawbacks, read more here.

  1. Log on to the control panel at
  2. Click on "My domains"
  3. Click on the relevant domain
  4. Click on the "Webhosting" tab
  5. Click on "Web hosting available via"
  6. Change "Static IP-address" to "On"
  7. Click on "update"

Note! It may take up to two minutes before the new IP addresses appear under "IP address of the website" and "IPv6 address of the website". Both IPv4 and IPv6 address will change.

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