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What is static IP-address for web hosting?
Static IP address means that we do not change the external IP address of your website without informing the domain administrator. Note: The IP address must be changed for activation of Let's Encrypt or other HTTPS solutions!

IP address is still shared by multiple customers, you are not alone using this address, and it is not used for outgoing traffic.

The only reason to enable static IP address is if you have a name server that is not controlled by us, but want to connect your external DNS with a website hosted with us.

Limitations and disadvantages

  • If HTTPS is enabled or disabled, the IP address is changed within 1 hour of the change.
  • If the IP address must be changed for other reasons, the domain administrator will get a two week notice, after that the change will be performed regardless to the external or internal name servers.
  • We can not move the web space from one server to another when preforming system upgrades, to improve the capacity, or other technical needs.

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