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I have ordered a transfer away from Domainnameshop that is not yet completed. Are you holding back?
No. We never hold back a transfer out from us. If the transfer is not completed, it may be caused by:
  • The owner's/adminstrative contact person's email address is invalid, and thus the confirmation email cannot reach the recipient. Log in at and update the address information.
  • Regarding .com/.org/.net/.biz/.info domains: The domain is registered or transferred less than 60 days ago, which disenables a transfer. You may log in at and change to the new provider's nameservers. After 60 days, you may transfer out the domain.
  • Regarding .com/.org/.net/.biz/.info domains: The domain has expired with the current registrar. You have to pay the annual fee to them, and then order transfer again.
  • If transferring out from Dotster/DotRegistrar, they will send an email to the owner of the domain. Following the link in that email will cancel the transfer. If you want to proceed with the transfer, there is no need to answer that email.
  • Regarding transfer of .com/.org/.net/.biz/.info domains: You will need an authorization code (AUTHINFO) to transfer the domain to another registrar. Log in with your username and password, and select the domain name which is to be transferred. First you need to remove the lock prohibiting tranfers of the domain by clicking on "Unlock domain" on the right hand side of the page. Then you click on the "Request authorization code (AUTHINFO)" link on the bottom right on the page.

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