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I have got a new email address, What do I do in relation to my domains?
Log in at with your username and password and go to "Account settings" in the menu on the left. Here, you can change the account administration email address. Also check other contact information and update the email address if necessary. The most important email address to update is for owner, administrative contact and billing contact. If this information is unupdated, you can risk to loose your domain names. Changes made via our pages are automatically forwarded to NORID, IIS, Dotster and DotRegistrar. However, if your domains (e.g .dk and .as domains) have other registrars than mentioned above, you have to contact the top level registrar in question and update contact info with them as well.

Note that we not normally accept changes sent via postal mail or by phone. It is relatively easy to fake such a notification, and we cannot know for which domains and contact persons you want to change email address. If the change applies to several domains, we do not have the capacity to update every domain. Therefore, the most secure and simple way of doing this, is for you to log in at with your username and password and make the changes yourself.

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