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What software do you recommend for making and publishing web pages?
For making and publishing web pages, we recommend:

You will find some step-by-step guides on how to upload web pages to your website with using these programs below.

Dreamweaver is rather expensive, but easy to use. It contains features for both beginners and advanced web developers. SeaMonkey is the successor to the Mozilla browser/editor.

All the above listed programs come with FTP embedded, to upload files to the web server. If you make the HTML pages yourself, we recommend these programs for uploading files to the web server:

  • CoreFTP: file transfer for Windows with SFTP and FTP
  • Cyberduck: file transfer application for Mac and Windows
  • OpenSSH: encrypted shell/file transfer for Unix and Mac
  • PSCP: encrypted file transfer for Windows with SCP (part of PuTTY)
  • PuTTY: encrypted login for Windows with SSH
  • Transmit: file transfer for Mac
  • WinSCP: encrypted file transfer for Windows with SCP and SFTP, or unencrypted via FTP

In addition to transfer files, some of these programs (PuTTY and OpenSSH) can also be used to log in to Unix shell.

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