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I sometimes experience that emails are lost. What is wrong?
Email should not normally be lost. It should be delivered to the receiver or it should be returned to the sender with a message saying it could not be delivered. If you experience that emails are lost, it may be caused by:

  1. The sender has sent to an invalid or incorrect email address or the sender's email set-up is incorrect, thus the email will not be sent.
  2. Email is configured incorrectly at Log in at with your username and password and doble-check the email set-up for the domain in question. The email address should be on the left side (e.g., and the email account (e.g. example1) or an external email address (e.g. on the right. Do not enter in the right field, as email will be forwarded in an eternal loop.
  3. More than one computer or users read the same email account. One of the computers may already have downloaded the emails, and they are thus deleted from the mail server. When the other computer checks for email, they are already removed. To avoid this problem, use IMAP instead of POP3. Also make sure that not two different persons are checking email from the same email account.
  4. The email is not lost, it is only very delayed. Be patient, and it will arrive. Remember, there is no guarantee that an email will arrive within a certain time. Usually, the email is returned to sender if it could not be delivered within 4 days. If you are in a hurry, concider using phone or fax instead.

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