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I have received an invoice/reminder for a domain I do not want to keep. What do I do?
If the invoice is for registration of a new domain name, you will have to pay it. According to our terms and conditions domain registration is legally binding and non-refundable.

If the invoice is for renewal of one or more domain names, and you do not wish to renew any of them, we request that you notify us that the domains are not to be renewed, so that we avoid spending time and money on sending you unnecessary reminders, and you save the annoyance of receiving these reminders.

You must notify us if you wish to renew only some of the domains or services on the invoice. We and you need to know which domains are to be renewed and which are to be cancelled.

If you received the invoice via e-mail, simply click on the link "Cancel domains ..." to cancel one or several domains. If you received the invoice via postal mail, please go to and enter the invoice number and PIN code. The PIN code is printed at the top right of the invoice, along with the invoice number and the due date.

When you cancel domains, the original invoice will be credited and a new invoice created with only the domains that are to be renewed. When paying, make sure that you pay the new invoice and not the old one. If you cancel all domains on the original invoice, no new invoice will be created.

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