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How do I cancel/delete a domain name?
If you have already received an invoice for renewal by email or postal mail, please see our explanation here for how to cancel renewal of domains.

If you haven't received any invoice for renewal from us yet, you can login at, select the domain from the list of your domains, and click "Change" to the right of "To be renewed".

You will then be asked to choose between letting the domain expire or to renew it.

If you for a special reason need to delete a domain before its expiry date, please contact customer support.


For .dk domains, go to the DK Hostmaster website and click on "Teknisk administration" in the menu on the left hand side, and then on "Formularer" and finally "Slette" (Danish version only).


For .se domains, go to IIS's domain name cancellation page, and choose the cancellation form (PDF, 15 KB). Send the form to IIS, not to Domainnameshop.

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