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I want to reserve a domain name, but not start using it now. What should I do?
It is not possible to reserve a domain name. A domain name must be registered (and thus paid for) in order to make sure no-one else register the same domain name. If you wish to register a .no domain, but have not got an organization number with the Brønnøysund Registry yet, the domain name must be registered with another organization, and then be transferred to the right organization later on.

However, it is possible to register a domain name even though you are not planning to start using it right now. This is a way of making sure that no-one else can register your preferred domain name. To reserve a domain without actively using it, choose alternative 1: DNS and www forwarding in step 2 of the registration process at If you later want to start using the domain with e.g. email and web pages, you can order these services then.

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