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How do I get email and web for my domain name?
A domain which has just been registered does not necessarily include services for email and web. In order to get these features, you will need one of our additional services. Which service suits you best, depends on your needs:
  1. The easiest way of getting started, is by chossing our free service for DNS and www forwarding. You will then be able to point your domain to an existing webpage, whether it is hosted by us or another service provider. You will not get email for the domain through us, but if you have your own email server (MX host), then you can specify that email for the domain is to be handled by this server.
  2. If you want email for your domain, you may order our email service. You will then get 20 email accounts and unlimited number of email addresses (aliases), in addition to DNS and www forwarding.
  3. If you do not have an existing website, our web hosting packages make it simple to publish your website on one of our web servers. We will allocate you a certain amount of disk space, depending on the web hosting package you choose. Our web hosting also includes email, DNS and www forwarding, the difference is that you also get disk space on our webserver.
  4. Advanced users who want to manage a mail server and web server themselves should go for DNS and www forwarding, which gives them the opportunity of unlimited DNS pointers and subdomains and mail server control (MX host).
  5. If you manage your own nameservers in addition to web and mail, our registrar service enables you to delegate the domain to these nameservers. For better fault tolerance, you may also consider our slave DNS service.

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