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How do I read email?
Welcome to Domainnameshops guide to setting up your email. In order to set up working email through Domainnameshop, two steps are required.

These instructions are based on IMAP, which is the account type we recommend. If you prefer to use POP3, follow the instructions for IMAP, but instead choose account type POP/POP3 and replace the server-name with

1. Create email-address and account

An email account must first be created in the control panel at When the account is created, you need to note the username and password, and the newly created email-account must also be connected to one or more email addresses in order for email to actually be received.

Create email-addresses

2. Set up the email account on your computer/device

Choose your device/operating system below in order to find instructions for the most common email-clients:

Alternatively, you may use Domainnameshop Webmail in order to read email:

If you can't find your email-client in the list, you can find the required email settings in the general instructions:

General instructions

See also:

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