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How much e-mail may I send from a webhotel?

To a certain extent, we permit mass mailing from websites hosted by us, as long as you comply with our terms and conditions (acceptable use policy), see here for info about terms, and below for technical rate limits that you also need to comply with.


The sender must be an e-mail address belonging to the webhotel, or another domain with e-mail service through us, and where the other webpage is hosted by this webhotel.

Low sending rate

Mass/bulk messaging from our webservers must happen at a low rate, so that e-mail servers are not overloaded, and that unnecessary delays are avoided. Thousands of customers will be using the same e-mail servers, and therefore mass/bulk messaging cannot be immediate, but must be distributed over time. The following limits are per sending attempt.

Per second1 message
Per minute60 messages
Per hour1 500 messages
Per day (24 hours)5 000 messages

1 message = 1 message, 1 recipient. If you send 1 message to 100 recipients, this counts as 100 messages.

If the limits are exceeded, the messages attempted sent beyond the limit will be delayed, and for greater excessions, there is a risk they can never be delivered.

Small size

Small is beautiful. If you send large messages (greater than 500 KB/0.5 MB), you must lower your sending rate even further, since large messages are more resource intensive and at higher risk of causing delays. If you keep your content short and concise, your message will be easier to read and digest, the impact will be better, and the recipient will be less annoyed - keep in mindd that many recipients will be using their mobile phone or tablet for e-mail.

Alternative services

If you need greater sending limits, and/or more control over your mass mailings, we recommend that you use a specialized mass mailing provider.

See e.g. the following Norwegian, reputable providers:

See also:

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