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Why do emails from my contact form get marked as spam?
When sending e-mails from your contact form, Wordpress will use default values which result in your e-mails appearing as spam, as the full sender address is not correctly set (envelope-from).
As a result, the email from your contact form will often end up in junk mail or be marked as spam.

You can solve this by following this guide:

  1. Download and activate Stop WP Emails Going to Spam

  2. Click on Extensions / Plugins

  3. Click on Settings

  4. Scroll down and select Use another email - Then enter the email address you have entered as the sender in your contact form

  5. In the From Address field, select:
    Tick to set the Envelope to the From, not recommended unless all your forms use a From address of your domain, however the SPF check below is ignored

  6. In the field under WordPress default mail address , select:
    Tick to set the WP default to the same as the email set above - recommended

  7. Then scroll to the top and click Save on the right.

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