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How do I set up my Domainnameshop-mail with Gmail?

Here we explain how to use Gmail to receive and send email for your domain name

Receive email through Gmail

  1. Log on to the control panel at with your username and password, click on "My domains", select your domain and select the "Email" tab

  2. If you have already created the email-address you would like to forward, you may click the desired email address and clicking "Add more recipients". Otherwise, click "Create new email address", enter the name of the email-address and click 'Continue'

  3. Select the option "The email is forwarded to another email address"

  4. Enter your email-address as the recipient and click "Create"

Email sent to this email-address will now be forwarded to your Gmail account.

Sending email from your domain through Gmail

In order to use Gmail for sending email from your Domainnameshop email-address, you must create an email user in our control panel.

Click here for instructions.

When you have created an email user, you also need to log on to and do the following:

  1. Press the gear symbol in the top right corner. Select "See all settings" in the drop down menu and you will be forwarded to the "General" menu.

  2. Then select "Accounts" in the menu and click "Add another email address you own"

  3. Enter the name and email address in the pop up window and press next

  4. Check the field "send via " SMTP servers" and enter, username and password. Then press the "Add Account" button.

  5. What is my username and password?

  6. Gmail have now sent you a confirmation email with a code. Enter the code and press confirm. Gmail will now send you back to the menu where you can choose which address you want to use by default.

  7. Here you can choose which address you want as the default sender address

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