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I have received an invoice/reminder for a domain I do not want to keep. What do I do?

Does the invoice apply to a new registration of a domain?

Then you have to pay it, since domain registration is binding and impossible to undo, cf. our terms.

Have you received an invoice for renewal where you do not want to renew one or more domains?

If you have received the invoice from us by email, you can simply click on the link in the email, then "Cancel one or more domains" to deselect one or more domains that are not to be renewed .

If you have received the invoice by letter, you can go to and enter the invoice number and PIN code there. The PIN code is on the paper invoice, at the top right, together with the invoice number and the due date.

When you deselect domains, the original invoice is credited and a new invoice is created with only the domains to be renewed. When you pay, therefore, make sure that you pay the new invoice and not the old one. If you deselect all the domains on the original invoice, no new invoice will be created.

Have you received an invoice where you want to cancel certain services, but keep the domain?

Then you must contact customer service and let us know which services are to be terminated before you pay the invoice.

Have you received an invoice via EHF?

Then the account administrator for the domain must follow these instructions.

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