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I cannot send email. What is wrong?
The most common reasons why you cannot send email are:
  1. There is a temporary error with your internet connection or your internet access provider. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet (e.g. that you can read online news papers like and, before further error searching.
  2. The domain is recently registered or transferred. It can take 24-48 hours before all nameservers on the Internet are notified that a domain is registered or transferred. Email will work when the nameservers have registered this information. Wait 24 hours and try again.
  3. If the domain you are trying to email is with Domainnameshop, the email set-up at may be incorrect. If you are the domain adminstrator, log in at with your username and password and doble-check the email set-up for the domain in question. The email address should be on the left side (e.g., and the email account (e.g. example1) or an external email address (e.g. on the right. Do not enter in the right field, as email will be forwarded in an eternal loop.
  4. The settings in your email client are incorrect, double-check and try again. Some email clients (Outlook among others) suddenly change the settings for an account, though it has been working fine before. This can happen if you run a Windows update or other updates. Enter the outgoing mail server of your internet access provider. If you enter as the SMTP server, make sure to check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication". Do not check it if you use the SMTP server of your internet access provider.
  5. You're using Outlook and have enabled "Secure password authentication (SPA)". This function is not supported.
  6. Try to turn off "Secure login (SSL)" and see if that make any difference. Some older software may not work properly with SSL.
  7. If you have installed a firewall or an anti-virus program (e.g. Norton Internet Security), these may block you from sending email. Turn off the firewall or anti-virus program and try sending the email again.
  8. Some internet access providers (Telenor, Canal Digital, Get and Tele2 among others), do not allow using other SMTP servers but their own. They block all outgoing traffic to port 25 (standard SMTP port). Hence, you cannot regardlessly use as the outgoing mail server if your internet access provider has put restrictions on such use. You can try port 587, with authentification on.
  9. You are trying to email an address containing æ, ø, å or other special characters (so-called IDN), but your email clients does not support IDN. See further explanation here.
  10. The outgoing mail server (SMTP) was too busy to handle your message(s) when you attempted to send it/them. This may be caused by too many messages being sent too quickly. Try waiting a few minutes before sending again.

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