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Messages will be posted here if and when we identify network or service errors lasting more than 5 minutes, or in case we make system changes that we think will affect our users. Messages older than 2 months will not be displayed, unless they contain currently relevant information.

2024-07-09 12:45: Technical problems with web hosting resolved
The technical problems with the web hosting service has now been resolved. We apologize for the problems caused by this.

2024-07-09 09:02: Technical problems with web hosting
We are currently experiencing technical problems with the web hosting service. Work is underway to resolve this.

2024-06-25 11:11: WordPress 6.5.5 security update
WordPress recently released security update 6.5.5 tonight.

Other versions than those listed below, are considered unsafe.

We urge all WordPress-using customers to update to 6.5.5.


Note! WP-admin may become slow if many customers update simultaneously. If you experience any problem, please try again later the same day.

2024-06-17 07:31: Brief service interruptions for web
Due to security updates, there are brief service interruptions for web this morning. The interruptions last for up to 10 minutes.

2024-06-11 17:27: Incorrect notification to change password in webmail

By mistake, some webmail users have received an old notification to change their password.

The warning was shown between 16:48 and 16:58.

It is not necessary to change the password for your e-mail user. The error message originates from an older event, and was displayed again due to a technical error.

We apologize for any unnecessary disturbance.

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