Slave DNS

In case you have own nameservers for your domain, we can offer an extra secondary nameserver. Hence, your domain is still available although your nameservers are unavailable for a shorter or longer period. Our nameserver operates as a so-called slave server, that regularly retrieves updated DNS data from the primary nameserver. As our nameserver processes requests for your domain, the load on your nameservers will decrease. We offer Slave DNS for all top level domains, not only .no, .com and other top level domains possible to register with us.

ProductSetup feeThereafter
Slave DNS is free of charge for our customers. In addition you will have to pay the yearly fee for the domain itself.

How to order slave DNS
If you want Slave DNS for a new domain registered with Domainnameshop, log in, go to "Change nameservers", and enter as the 2nd or 3rd nameserver. If you have registered a domain with another registrar and want Slave DNS with us, please order here.

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