Domeneshop AS (NO930834408) is an official registrar for the Swedish top-level domain .SE.

Terms and Conditions
Our terms and conditions are available at Specific terms and conditions applicable to .SE domains can be found at Our complete price list is available at

Registrar services and customer service level commitments
For .SE domains we offer the following services: DNS, DNSSEC, email, web hosting and registrar service (domain registration/renewal/transfer). Technical support questions may be submitted via We also offer telephone support on weekdays. All support requests submitted via email or through our webpage will receive an initial response within 2 working days.

Customer website
Customers may manage their .se domains through the self-management area at All domain services that we offer can be handled from there. This includes new registration, change of ownership, renewal, cancellation, change of registrar, handling NS and DS records as well as updating contact information.

Abuse contact
We have a dedicated abuse point of contact for reporting security related incidents or violations of our Acceptable Use Policy (spam, phishing, etc.). All abuse reports submitted via email or through our webpage will receive a response within 2 working days. Please see contact details on

More information
Here you can find more information that applies specifically to .se domains.

Registration fee .se€13.99
Renewal .se€13.99
Owner change .se€13.99
All prices are in EUR excl. VAT and are for customers outside Norway only. Private individuals in EU must add VAT. Prices are updated monthly based on current exchange rates. Show prices in DKK GBP NOK SEK USD.

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