Registrar service

Have you already registered one or more domain names, but need to make changes to the registered information, update address information or change nameservers? Registrar service with Domainnameshop enables you to make such changes directly using our web-based administration panel. All changes are normally updated in the central WHOIS database within a few minutes. There is no registration fee for the registrar service, you only pay the annual maintenance fee (annual fee) for the domain. We offer registrar service for all the more than 400 top-level domains that can be registered through Domainnameshop.

You will need registrar service if you want to:

ProductSetup feeThereafter
Registrar service€0.00€0.00
Registrar service is free of charge for our customers. In addition you will have to pay the yearly fee for the domain itself.

How to order registrar service
The registrar service is included upon registration of a new domain with Domainnameshop. If you have registered a domain with another registrar and want registrar service with us, you may order it here. If so, we will become the registrar of the domain, and the annual fee is to be paid to us.

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