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How do I connect my domain name to Shopify?

This guide is based on Shopifys own user manual.

NOTE: This guide also assumes that the domain uses Domainnameshop's name servers.

To create, change or delete DNS records for your domain, do the following:

  1. Log in to the control panel at
  2. Click on My Domains
  3. Click on the relevant domain
  4. Click on the DNS records tab at the top of the page

Here you can manage DNS records. The system automatically handles the creation of A, AAAA, and CNAME records, depending on whether what you enter is an IPv4 address, IPv6 address, or a hostname.

Add the following two entries, one at a time:

  1. Leave the left field blank and add in the right field
  2. Fill in www in the left field and in the right field

Remember to click the Add button for each entry you want to add.


This is what a complete setup for Shopify might look like:

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