Frequently asked questions


How do I change the name of the owner of a domain?

For .no domains, this is the procedure:

  • If the owner's organization number is not to be changed, but merely the organization name, you may log in at with your username and password, choose the domain in question and go to "Change contact info", to the right on the page. Our system will then attempt to auto-correct the organization name from the Norwegian Business Register.
  • If the organization number also is to be changed, you will have to make a domain name holder change as described here.
  • Private persons must re-generate PID at Norid with your new name, then contact customer service.

For top level domains other than .no, the change is made as if it was an owner change, even if it's simply a change in name. This applies even if the domain is registered on an organization number (which is the case for .se and .dk-domains). Follow the procedure described for owner changes.

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