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Set up an auto-reply message

So-called auto-responder or "out of office reply" is handy if you are away or for some reason cannot read email for a period. People who send email to you will get a reply that the email is received, but will not be read or answered promtly.

The auto-responder function is connected to each email account. If you have several email addresses that are assigned to the same email account, the auto-responder comprises all these email addresses.

To configure the auto-responder:

  1. Log into with the username and password in question.
  2. Click on "Settings" in the menu to the left
  3. Select "Auto reply".
  4. Check the box "Active" to activate this function.
  5. Edit the text in subject and message.
  6. Click on "Save" to save the information.
    It might take up to one hour before it is starts working.

To deactivate this function uncheck "Active" and click save.

Note! The auto-responder will not send more than one reply a week to the same email address, even though two or more messages are received from the same email address. No response will be sent to messages that seem to be sent via an email list, for reply messages or delivery confirmations, for email likely to be spam or email likely to be auto-generated, e.g. by another auto-response system.

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