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How do I make my web pages visible in search engines?
Your web pages will not automatically be added to and indexed in the different search engines on the Internet. You must register with those you want to be indexed in for users to find you. Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your pages have a textual content that includes the search words.
  2. Use descriptive titles (<TITLE>) and headings (<H1>).
  3. Insert META tags in the HTML code, that describe the content of the pages and link them to different keywords (Be aware that Google have chosen to ignore META tags):
  5. Visit the search engines you want to register with (,, etc.) and enter the address of your page. Here are links to the registration pages of some of the search engines:
    Bing and Yahoo!:
    For other search engines, look for a link named "submit", "add url" or similar.
  6. It takes uptil 5-6 weeks before your pages appear in the search engines. After a while, try and search for some of the keywords mentioned in the text of your website.

You can find more tips in this article (

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