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Do you provide version control (CVS, Subversion, etc.)?

Currently, there are four version control programs available at

Regrettably, we cannot offer support for this software, but they may be used for version and source code control for webpages on websites you have with us.

We do not provide separate CVS, Git, Mercurial or Subversion servers, the software is only available via Unix shell.


CVS - Concurrent Versions System - is one of the oldest and most well-known systems. CVS does not handle binary files well.

The Unix command is cvs, and the manual pages are available with man cvs.

You can find more information on the CVS home pages.


Git is a distributed system for source code and version control, and can easily be used as a replacement for a more traditional version control system. Git handles binary files well.

All Git commands start with git.

Extensive documentation is bundled with Git in the form of man pages, also available on the web.


Like Git, Mercurial is a modern, distributed source code and version control system, with approximately the same advantages.

All Mercurial commands start with hg.

The command "hg" borrows the name from the chemical symbol of the element mercury.

There is plenty of documentation for Mercurial in a free web-book.


Subversion is a more recent system than CVS, is a bit more modern, and has slightly different functionality from CVS.

The Unix commands all have the prefix svn. Type svn (without a following space) and press TAB twice to list the available commands. You can view the manual pages with man svn.

You can find more information on the Subversion home pages.

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