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How do I transfer my domain away from Domainnameshop?
If you do not wish to use our services and want to transfer your domain to another provider, you are of course free to do so. Contact your new provider and ask for a transfer to them. They will know how to take the further steps, and may contact you in order to complete the transfer. Normally, we will be notified when the domain is transferred away from us, but please make sure to contact us and cancel your services with us, for you to avoid invoices regarding services you do not use anymore. For some domain names (.no, .se, .com, etc.) you need an authorization code (AUTHINFO) to transfer your domain away from Domainnameshop. To receive this code:
  1. Log into your control panel at login
  2. Click on "My Domains"
  3. Click the required domain
  4. Click "Request authorization code (AUTHINFO)"

Normally we get notified when the domain is transferred away from us, so that we can delete the services you have with us and you will not have to pay for them. If you still receive an invoice for renewal from us after the domain is transferred away, you can safely ignore this. After a few reminders the invoice will automatically be credited and the domain will be deleted from your account with us.

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