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How do I transfer my domain to Domainnameshop?
If you want DNS, e-mail, web hosting or other services for your domain name through Domainnameshop, you can transfer your domain name from your current provider to us. The transfer itself is free. You only pay for the services you order from us.

Click here to order a transfer.

Click here for more information on how to avoid downtime during your transfer.

This is what the transfer process looks like:

  1. You order a transfer and have chosen the services you want.

  2. The transfer order is now registered in our systems and we send the following information:
    • Order confirmation to account administrator
    • Username and password of the specified account administrator (if the account does not already exist)
    • Email/SMS to the owner of the domain where the transfer can be confirmed

      PS! If you selected "None of the above is in use" for the owner's contact information, we will try to call the owner to obtain the correct contact information.

  3. You can now log in and check that all DNS records and forwardings have been registered.

  4. The transfer can now be confirmed and completed by the owner (may require AUTHINFO).

  5. Account administrator will receive an email as soon as the domain has been transferred.

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