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How do I change registrar to Domainnameshop for a .se domain?
If you have services for a .se domain (DNS, email, webhotel, etc.) through Domainnameshop we recommend that Domainnameshop is also the registrar for the domain. Then the yearly renewal fee for the domain name wil be invoiced by Domainnameshop on the same invoice as the other services for the domain, so that you will get only one invoice and don't have to relate to other providers. In addition you will then be able to change name servers and contact informtion for the domain directly from the control panel on

You can check who is the registrar for a domain by looking up the domain in the whois database. On the last line it says "registrar:" and then the name of the current registrar for the domain name. If it says "Domeneshop AS" then Domainnameshop is the registrar and you pay the renewal fee to us. If it doesn't say "Domeneshop AS", then you can change registrar to Domainnameshop in the following way:

  1. Contact the current registrar (e.g. SE Direkt, Loopia AB or A/S) and ask for the authorization code (AUTHINFO) for your domain.
  2. Login to the control panel on, select the domain in question and then click on the link "Transfer to Domainnameshop" on the top right of the page, right next to "Renewal fee invoiced by". There you can enter the authorization code and confirm that you want to have Domainnameshop as your registrar. If the domain name is not already in your account on the control panel, then you can order a new domain transfer instead on

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