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I ordered transfer to Domainnameshop a while ago. Why is it not completed?
In order to transfer a domain to Domainnameshop, we need a confirmation from the owner. As this information is usually retrieved from WHOIS, old, unupdated or invalid information can cause a delay.

If transferring a .no domain, you can choose confirmation by email or phone. All other transfers must be confirmed by email.

These are the most common reasons for a transfer being delayed:

  • The email address in WHOIS is no longer valid, hence the admin contact does not receive the confirmation email. Contact the current registrar to have the WHOIS address information updated, and then order the transfer again.
  • The confirmation email has been sent, but no yet replied. Make sure to reply to it.
  • Regarding .no domains: The telephone numbers in WHOIS and in the Brønnøysund Registry are invalid, hence we cannot reach the owner. Contact the current registrar to have the WHOIS address information updated or report an address change to the Brønnøysund Registry. Re-order the transfer.
  • Regarding .com and .net domains: The domain may have a registrar-lock (status "REGISTRAR-LOCK" in WHOIS), and must be unlocked by the registrar before it can be transferred to us. Contact your registrar and ask them to unlock the domain, and let us know when this is done.
  • If transferring without changing registrar: The nameservers for the domain are not yet changed to ours. Contact the current registrar and make sure the change is made.

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