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How do I avoid downtime when transferring a domain?

When you order a transfer to us, you will immediately receive a username and password to log in under My account at and manage your domain.

This allows you to ensure that all DNS settings, www forwarding etc. are correct before you confirm the transfer, and in this way you can avoid downtime during the transfer itself.


When you order DNS and www forwarding for the domain to be moved, we will automatically try to copy existing DNS pointers from the old name servers.

  • You can review your DNS pointers to make sure everything is correct before confirming the move here: Manage DNS pointers
    PS! Click on My transfers instead of My domains during step 2 if the transfer is not yet confirmed.

    • If the old name servers allow zone transfer (AXFR) to, then the entire zone file will be included. You must check this with the previous supplier.

    • If the old nameservers do not allow zone transfer only the "most common" pointers will be included, such as "www.", "ftp.", " mx." etc. Any other DNS pointers that may be on the old name servers, you must enter manually.


If you tick the retain existing e-mail setup checkbox when ordering the move, we will not change the MX host for the domain when we move it to us. The e-mail setup will therefore remain unchanged until you go to My account and change so that e-mail is handled through

  • How do I manage email?
    PS! Click on My transfers instead of My domains during step 2 if the transfer is not yet confirmed.

Web hosting/website

If you chose a web hosting service when ordering, we will automatically point your domain name (e.g. to your new web hosting with us.

  • If you do not have time to upload your content to our web server before the domain has been moved, you can enter a DNS pointer for to the IP address of the old web server.
    PS! What DNS pointers to enter is something you need to check with your previous supplier.

  • When the pages have been uploaded and everything works as it should, you simply delete the DNS pointer(s), and will then automatically point to our web server.

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