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How do I avoid downtime when transferring a domain?
When you order a transfer to us, we will immediately email you a username and a password for logging in at and manage your domain. In this way, you can make sure the settings are correct before confirming the transfer, and thus avoid downtime for your domain.

If you order DNS and www forwarding for the domain to be transferred, we will automatically copy existing DNS pointers from the domain's existing name servers. If the existing name servers allow for AXFR zone transfers to, then the whole zone will be copied. If not, then only the most common DNS records will be copied if they exist, like "www.", "ftp.", "mx." etc. Any other DNS records which we are not able to copy, you most login and add yourself.

If you check "Keep current mail servers for now", we will not change MX host for the domain when transferring it to us. The email configuration will thus remain as it is until you change it to be administered through

If you order web hosting for the domain to be transferred (, we will automatically point to your new website with us. If you have not uploaded your web pages to our web server before the transfer is completed, you may set up a DNS pointer for to the IP address of the former web server. When you have uploaded the web pages, and everything works perfectly, simply remove the DNS pointer, and will automatically point to our web server.

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