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Google Webmaster Tool reports that my website has an availability rate that is under 100%. Why?
Sometimes we get requests from customers that get a message from Google Webmaster Tools that reports that their site has a high DNS error rate, and that it supposedly has an availability rate that is far below 100%. It is natural to question if our services have had any recent trouble/downtime.

Whenever we check issues related to these error messages it has not been possible to prove that our services have had any serious issues (DNS and/or webhosting). The error messages is a result of websites that hosts javascript and/or iframes from multiple external websites. Webmaster Tools will return an error message If even one of these services are having issues. Typical external resources that is included on websites is jquery, ads, statistical modules, counters etc. In most cases these programs/resources are not critical for the website and it should still be available for its users. Google Webmaster Tools will therefor often report a higher error rate that what is actually the case for the websites users.

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