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I cannot log onto the FTP server. What can be wrong?

You have probably entered the wrong server name, username or password. Double-check and try again. The server name is, and if your website is e.g., the FTP username will typically be example. Note that the FTP username is not the same as your login username at, though the password may be the same. If you have forgotten your FTP username and password, see here.

If you have changed the permissions for your home directory, this may prevent yourself from logging in with FTP. It is important that "owner"/"user" and "group" have both read and "execute" access to your folders, or you will have problems. You can read more about permissions here.

If you can log in, but not upload files, the problem might be that you are behind a firewall or an ADSL or cable modem not permitting so-called "active FTP". There should be a setting in your FTP program enabling you to use "passive FTP" instead. Try and see if this mode works better.

Antiviruses may sometimes "forget" that you should be allowed to use FTP. Try to disable the antivirus, connect via FTP, and re-enable the antivirus.

Filezilla and some other FTP software can be a bit too eager, and log you in multiple times at once. Our FTP-server has a limit of 10 simultaneous connections for the same FTP username, and 20 simultaneous from the same IP address, so if you get transfer or login problems during a connection, try disconnecting Filezilla, adjust the maximum number of connections to e.g. 5, wait 10-20 minutes, and try again.

Filezilla has an error, which results in an error message about "unknown certificate". This is an error in the software that incorrectly labels all certificates as "unknown", even verified certificates. There is no fix for the issue, other than to use a different FTP program, e.g. one we recommend.

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