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How to backup your Wordpress site using Akeeba backup

Note: Akeeba Backup can't be installed by the plugin manager in Wordpress, it must be downloaded and installed manually

The plugin Akeeba Backup, provides backup for your entire Wordpress site, including the database. It is also available for Joomla

Follow theese steps to backup your site using Akeeba Backup

1. Downloading and installing Akeeba Backup

Akeeba Backup Core for Wordpress can be downloaded here.
Select Akeeba Backup Core for Wordpress.
Log in to your Wordpress, click "Add new" → "Upload plugin" under "Plugins" in the Wordpress control panel..

You can also upload akeebabackupwp-core folder directly in to your "plugins" folder by using FTP

Then you need to activate the plugin in your control panel:

2. Administering Akeeba Backup

You should now see "Akeeba Backup" as an option in your Wordpress control panel, click it to enter Akeeba Backup.

3. Run the backup

Click «Backup Now».

4. Save the backup

Give the backup file a name, and click "Backup Now".

5. Wait until the backup is finished

When Akeeba is finished, you will see the following message:

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