Frequently asked questions


Do you publish my email address and contact information for my domains?
Yes. When registering a domain name, you also agree to publish your contact information in WHOIS. Some people choose not to state the correct contact information for their domains. This is a breach of the terms of registration for domain names, and the domain registration can be deleted. In the USA, there is a maximum penalty of seven years in prison for stating incorrect information in WHOIS! The USA have the jurisdiction for biz/com/info/name/net/org domains.

Unfortunately, there are people abusing this information sending out spam and unsolicited mail, even though it is prohibited by law.

If you do not want to state your email address in WHOIS, check "Hide email address in WHOIS (to avoid spam)" on the contact information administration page when logged in at with your username and password. We will then replace your email address with an email address controlled by us. You can set a rule in your email client delegating all emails to this address to a specified folder. Thus, you avoid spam due to someone finding your email address in WHOIS. If you want or need to receive email to the administrative contact person (for example in case you want to transfer your domain), search for it in the folder you created.

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