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Why is my email account full, and how can I free up more space?

All email accounts at Domainnameshop have a maximum size of 15 GB (15000 MB).

It is possible to separately upgrade any account to 50 GB (50000 MB).

For instance, if you have used 14980 MB and someone sends a 21 MB email to you, that message will be rejected, and you will not receive large messages until you have cleared enough space or upgraded the account.

Webmail and IMAP

If you use webmail or IMAP, make sure that you delete old messages before your account is full. Moving messages between folders on an account that's full or close to full may not be possible. You will receive an email-warning when your account is about to become full. You should try to begin cleaning up your account at this time instead of waiting for your account to hit its quota.


If you read email via POP/POP3, messages are erased from the server as you download them. But if you have checked "Leave mail on server" or a similar checkbox in your email program, messages will remain on the server, and your account will eventually fill up and reach its quota / size limit.

How to solve and avoid the problem

If your account is full, it's easiest to delete messages from our webmail. Certain email-programs run into problems when your account is full that you will not encounter in our webmail. Make sure you empty the trash as you are cleaning!

If you use Microsoft Outlook with POP3, you can change the settings for each email account by clicking "More settings...", then select the "Advanced" tab (top right in the popup window). You will find a checkbox with the text "Leave mail on server". This checkbox should NOT be checked.

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