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What is the maximum size of emails and attachments?
ServerMaximum size1
Incoming email70-75 MB
Outgoing via webmail40 MB
Outgoing via smtp.domeneshop.no100 MB
Outgoing from websites100 MB

PS! Most email clients also have local restrictions. Thunderbird is an example of an e-mail client with no local maximum limit.

Note! Email is not well suited for sending megabytes of data. Many providers limit received message sizes to between 2 and 20 MB per message, resulting in uncertain delivery for large messages. The larger a message is, the greater the chance of a problem.

We recommend sharing large files with file sharing software (Dropbox, Google Drive, Jottacloud, Icloud, Onedrive, etc.), web, or FTP.

We do not recommend reading or sending large attachments via webmail, since this will often be very slow.

Each account is limited to a maximum of 15 GB of disk usage. If someone tries to send you an email that would cause your account to exceed its 15 GB disk quota, the sender will receive a system error message with the message "disk quota exceeded". We therefore recommend that you frequently delete email from your inbox on our servers, or move the messages to a local folder on your own computer.

Once a week our servers check whether any account uses more than 80% of the quota. If so, a warning message is sent to this account. The warning message will not be re-sent, unless the disk quota reaches the maximum of 15 GB.


1. These numbers are approximations of the message size, including all attachments.

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