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What may I use for? is a server available for personal e-mail messages and ordinary office use, sent with ordinary, personal e-mail programs, on your own PC/Mac, mobile phone, or tablet.

You may use it for e-mail for domains that have our e-mail service.

This also applies to our webmail service at

Its intended use does not include messages from cloud services, webservers, newsletters, marketing, mass mailing, nor other automated mailing services, servers, cameras, and other equipment.

For these purposes, you must either use your internet access provider's server, or a dedicated e-mail server. Such dedicated e-mail servers may not send messages via

Alternative services

Mass mailing and marketing

The following overview is not a list of approved vendors, nor any form of endorsement. There are other vendors.

If you need to perform mass mailing/marketing, we recommend that you use a specialized mass mailing provider.

See e.g. the following Norwegian, reputable providers:

Other providers

Telenor have a separate e-mail service for their corporate customers, where mass mailings/marketing is permitted.

Azure customers may use Microsoft's Exchange service. See Microsoft's own info about this.

Amazon customers may use Amazon SES.

SparkPost and several others provide SMTP access and/or APIs.

See also:

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