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How much e-mail may I send via and webmail? is a server available for personal e-mail messages sent with ordinary, personal e-mail programs.

You may use it for e-mail for domains that have our e-mail service.

This also applies to our webmail service at

Its intended use does not include messages from cloud services, webservers, newsletters, marketing, mass mailing, nor other automated mailing services, servers, and equipment. For these purposes, you must either use your internet access provider's server, or a dedicated e-mail server. Such dedicated e-mail servers may not send messages via

The permitted amount of such e-mails is 0 (zero).

At the bottom of this page, we list some alternative service providers for mass mailings and cloud/server mailings.

Technical limits for permitted use

In order to reduce the risk of single accounts overloading and our webmail, and thereby preventing other customers' outgoing e-mail, we have limited the number of messages that can be attempted sent within certain periods of time.

If you wish to send e-mail to many recipients, or many separate messages, you must therefore ensure that these are sent with a small delay between each message.

The following limits therefore constitute general guidelines, limits each sending attempts. By attempting to exceed them, and our webmail may automatically and temporarily deny further messages. There is no manual override for such temporarily disabled access.

The number of messages is counted as the number of recipients times the number of unique messages. If you try to send one message to 10 recipients, that is 10 messages. If you try to send 5 messages to 5 recipients, that is 25 messages.

The maximum number of recipients in a single submission attempt is usually 100, even though sending to so many recipients is considered a violation of our terms.

Limits for submission attempts

Per submission100 recipients
Per second1 message
Per minute50 messages
Per hour200 messages
Per day1 000 messages provides an error message if these limits are exceeded. Some e-mail programs will display this message to you, and it will look similar to this:

For mange epost pr dag/Sender rate exceeded, 1300/1d (max 1000)
Max 100 recipients permitted per message

Sending new messages will again be permitted as soon as time has passed so that none of the limits are exceeded anymore.

Because the limit per submission is higher than per minute, it's technically possible to run into the limit of recipients per minute before you get to send to 100 recipients. The solution is to stay below 50 simultaneous recipients to be sure.

If a user or customer excessively and/or repeatedly exceeds these limits, and/or it results in a reduced service quality for other users of or webmail, we may also have to disable access for a longer period of time, to ensure normal operations for other customers.

The limitations above concern only e-mail permitted by our terms and conditions, and that are permitted according to the leading paragraphs of this page.

Any kind of marketing, newsletters etc. must of course not happen via, and must also abide by our Alternative services

If you need greater sending limits, and/or more control over your mass mailings, we recommend that you use a specialized mass mailing provider.

See e.g. the following Norwegian, reputable providers:

Telenor have a separate e-mail service for their corporate customers, where mass mailings/marketing is permitted.

Azure customers may use Microsoft's Exchange service. See Microsoft's own info about this.

Amazon customers may use Amazon SES.

MessageBird and several others provide SMTP access and/or APIs.

See also:

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