Frequently asked questions


Why is not my payment recorded?

When logged in with your username and password at, you may view a list of invoices sent to you, and whether these are paid or not. However, there is a small latency in the system, and it may take as long as one week after your payment is made until the status of the invoice in question is updated to "paid" on our website.

The last payments recorded, were transferred to our bank account 14.06.2024. If you have made a payment after this date, please wait a couple of days before checking the status again. If you have made your payment long before this date, find the receipt from your bank (e.g. a copy of the bank giro, account transaction list or a voucher printed out from online banking) and send it to us (fax +47 22 94 33 34) together with the invoice number, for us to verify your payment on our account transaction list. We occasionally receive payments with missing/incorrect invoice numbers, and this can be the reason why your payment is not recorded.

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