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How is the annual fee invoiced?
For all domains registered through Domainnameshop after 1 January 2006, the yearly fee is invoiced by us on the same invoice as any other services you may have (email, web hosting, etc.)

For some domains registered before 2006, the yearly fee will be invoiced directly by the registry (e.g. IIS for .se domains and Punktum dk for .dk domains). You can see to whom the yearly fee is to be paid when you are logged into the control panel on

For domains that are transferred to Domainnameshop but were originally registered elsewhere, you may choose when you order the transfer whether you want to pay the yearly fee through Domainnameshop or continue to pay through the existing registrar.

The invoice with the yearly fee is normally sent to you 30-60 days prior to the domain's expiry date.

See also our price list.

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