Frequently asked questions


Why are you so much cheaper than other providers?
Many people ask us how we are able to offer domain registrations and additional services at a much lower cost than our competitors. It is, of course, pleasant to hear that we are cheaper than other providers, and we are more than happy to reveal why:
  • We have a very low profit on domain registrations. The registration fee is only meant to cover the costs related to administration and storage of the application statement, and also the administration of possible changes. We mainly make our earnings on additional services like email and web hosting, although the profit on these services are modest as well.
  • We have over 120,000 customers, and more than 650,000 domain names on our servers. A wide circle of customers, enables a low-cost price policy.
  • We have an automated registration and administration system, allowing the customers to log in with their username and password and monitor the status of domain applications and make most of the administrative changes themselves, resulting in less support and routine tasks for us.
  • We primarily send invoices by email in stead of by postal mail, and thus save p&p. By choosing an electronic invoice to a written one, you, as a customer, contribute to uphold low prices.
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