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What is the difference between .com, .org, .net, .as, .no etc.?
There are more than a hundred so-called top level domains (TLDs). Some of the most known are .no (Norway) and the international .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info and .name. There are also lots of other national top level domains, such as .dk (Denmark), .uk (Great Britain) and .cc (Coco Islands), to mention a few. What top level domain you register under, is a matter of your taste. The domain name will be visible everywhere on the Internet, whether you register under .no, .com or .as (American Samoa). Whilst most people in Norway register under .no and .com, .as has increased its popularity in recent years, especially with limited companies in case their preferred domain name under .no or .com is unavailable.

You can register your domain name with us under more than 300 different top level domains, see list here. If you wish to register under a top level domain not offered with us, it is possible to register it with another registrar and then transfer to us. Here is a complete list of top level domains.

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