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I have found a cheaper provider than Domainnameshop. Why should I choose you?
There are providers offering cheaper services, such as email and web hosting, than us. However, the vast majority of these low-cost providers, locate their servers in the USA, they do not offer free telephone support or their prices on additional services are high. This also goes for several "Norwegian" providers, renting cheap server hosting in the USA and resell it to their Norwegian customers. The line costs for Internet providers in the USA is app. a fourth of the Norwegian prices, hence providers in Norway cannot possibly compete with the Americans.

Domainnameshop, on the other hand, is a Norwegian provider, locating all servers in downtown Oslo, with 10gigabit fiber connections directly to NIX, which is the exhangepoint for the major Internet providers in Norway (and also some Danish, Swedish and Finnish). As opposed to a provider located in the USA, this means superior speed and very low latency to most of Norway and parts of Sweden, Denmark and Finland. We also offer free telephone support on weekdays. We are, as far as we know, amongst the cheapest providers of web hosting on servers located in Norway. (Please inform us if you find someone cheaper!)

If the visitors on your website are mainly Scandinavian, there is no doubt, but to choose us. If the majority is foreign visitors, you might save some bucks by picking an American provider, but your Norwegian visitors will experience an extra latency of 0.3-0.4 seconds for each request, the time of the light to cross the Atlantic two times in a fibercable. It might not sound long, but it makes a speakable difference for complicated web pages with lots of graphic elements to download or realtime services, e.g. sound and image streaming. Furthermore, the transfer speed is considerably lower, caused by more router jumps and with that, more potentional bottlenecks on the way.

When choosing web hosting provider, keep in mind that there is more to it than the price. In addition to physical location of the servers and line speed, factors as uptime, customer support and user-friendliness should be considered.

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