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How does Domainnameshop filter incoming e-mail?

Filtering of IP addresses and providers

  1. Prequalification of reputable providers
  2. Blocking spam-and-fraud services
  3. Reputation based blocking and rate limiting ("greylisting")

We use Invaluement,, and other technical solutions for these solutions.

Content filtering

  1. Blocking if a message is nearly identical to already blocked spam
  2. Rate limiting if a message is very similar to known spam
  3. Validation of DMARC, DKIM, and SPF
  4. Virus checking and SpamAssassin

Messages which fail strict validation of DMARC, DKIM, or SPF, which contains a probable virus, or which SpamAssassin rates as spam, is marked as probable spam and placed in the user's spam folder.

Users may override the default level of what is placed in the spam folder, and what should be delivered in the inbox.

Users may also perform more advanced adjustments of their own filter, as well as sorting of e-mail to different folders.

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